E-Learning Course – Public Speaking for Success

Standing up and speaking in front of a group of people is very different to talking to a few friends or colleagues. It is something that so often causes great anxiety and yet it is a vitally important form of communication in the business world. To enrol on this course you don’t have to have any prior experience of speaking in public – you will simply have concerns about public speaking and will want to know how to handle the various skills and problems.

  • Become an effective & inspiring public speaker
  • Learn from the comfort of your home or workplace
  • Upload your speech for evaluation

On this video-based e-learning course you will be equipped with the tools you need to become a confident public speaker, and you can do it all in your own workplace or home without standing up in front of an audience until you are ready.

This course simply breaks down speaking in public into its constituent parts and treats them one-by-one framed around YOU, addressing YOUR needs stage-by-stage until we have put it all together for you and you see how it all fits.

This is a practical course that we have structured into a number of parts that address the various facets of ‘Me, The Public Speaker’.

Part 1 – My fears
Most people will have fears when required to speak in public – we understand that. We look at these fears and we will show you how you can overcome them.

Part 2 – My purpose
You need to have a purpose when you speak and we will look at how you can convert this into the beginnings of a speech or presentation.

Part 3 – My speech
This is all about the speech itself – how you structure it, how you write it and how you target it at your audience.

Part 4 – My speaking
So you are standing up there with your speech in your hand, looking at your audience. This is all about how you actually deliver the speech and make it a success.

Part 5 – My audience
You will not be speaking to yourself so you will need to have some idea about the differences between speaking to an audience and social conversation. These are the people you will need to persuade. What are they like? How do you gain rapport?

Part 6 – My practical speaking
For business, speaking in public is a practical skill – you will need to give presentations, speak ‘off the cuff’, take part in meetings and try to persuade others. Here we show you the way it is done.

Speaking in public – ‘giving a speech’ – is a skill, but it is a skill that can be learnt, practised and performed by anyone. We aim to pass on our experience of years of public speaking so that you will understand the techniques and come to realise that you can do it – and you can do it well. CLICK HERE TO ENROL ON THE COURSE


Module 1 – Fear of Public Speaking
Module 2 – Purpose of the Speech
Module 3 – Speech Structure
Module 4 – Beginning, Middle and End
Module 5 – Preparing a Speech
Module 6 – Signposting
Module 7 – A Speech Analysed
Module 8 – Using the Language
Module 9 – Producing Speaking Notes
Module 10 – Using Tablet Computers
Module 11 – Appearance
Module 12 – Using the Body
Module 13 – Using the Voice
Module 14 – Using Speaking Notes
Module 15 – The Audience
Module 16 – Death by PowerPoint
Module 17 – Towards Better Presentations
Module 18 – Off-the-Cuff Stuff
Module 19 – Towards Effective Meetings
Module 20 – Course Overview

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